Kamis, September 01, 2011

Is it fair enough?

Parents of two students came to my office today.

The first parent came to talk about what he had to do. He had already provided their son with all needed for college, including tuition fees that had been paid in full. However, the son left home every day saying that he would go to the campus to study. However, his attendance in the class was low. The scores he gained in the exams were very poor, and in fact he did not take all the exams. The son just did not make use of the opportunity to study in this college. His parents were really upset because they wanted their son to study hard and become a successful person.

The second parent came also to talk about what he had to do. His son wanted to finish his study but he won’t be able take the exams next week, because he cannot pay for the tuition fee. In fact there are dozens of other students who also have not been able to pay for tuition fees for various reasons. The parents are so sad, and so do their children, because financial difficulties become an obstacle to their desire to finish studying in the college. Their parents are upset because they want their children to study hard and become a successful people.

C'est la vie. That's life. Those who have the opportunity just don’t take the chance, while those who wish to study don’t have the opportunity.

Let us introspect whether we also belong to the group of people who throw away the golden opportunity that we have. Hopefully not.